An Encouraging Report From Tanzania

Translator Matthew recently traveled to a large village to comprehension test the book of Genesis. Most of the villagers there adhere to another major world religion. The only church in this village has about ten members who seem to know very little about Christianity. On Sunday, Matthew visited the small church and left copies of John’s gospel, encouraging the members to pass them out to others. The following day, Matthew walked through the village to find people who could participate in a comprehension testing of Genesis. Everywhere he went, he saw people reading John’s gospel. He arrived at a soccer field where people had gathered to watch a game. Matthew found people all along the sides of the field reading John to each other. Before long, people started to recognize Matthew as the one who’d brought the copies of John to them. They started telling him how they needed more books. The team praises God that Matthew was swarmed with opportunities to speak with many people about Christianity. Since most people there don’t know anything about the Bible, they asked Matthew basic questions about who Jesus is and what Christianity is all about. They’d never been told before. Now, they’re very eager to learn more because this good news came to them for the first time in their own Dekamo language. 

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