Kenya Sign Language

Kenya Praise for Jesus Is Light! stating “Most Deaf don’t understand what it means when they read in John 8:12 that Jesus is the light of the world in English. They think Jesus himself is bright or shiny. When the passage is translated into KSL, they come to understand the metaphor that the world is in darkness because of sin, and Jesus brings the light of salvation into the world that each believer receives when they are saved.”4/19/2022 This can be shared on social media. 

This is a testimony from the Wilip project:

The mother-tongue translator lives in a remote village in the mountains. A guest came and stayed overnight at his house. While he was there, the guest saw lots of things about the Bible and asked lots of questions about God. So the translator began sharing gospel stories with him and the guest was very moved. When he left the next day, the translator placed his hands on the man and prayed for him. The guest was from a village where people have not heard the gospel, and the translator told him he hoped the man would tell the good news of God’s gospel stories to his neighbors and relatives. The two exchanged phone numbers and they stay in touch by phone. The translator regularly shares testimonies from other believers with his new friend and they arranged for the man to come and visit again. When he came back, he brought his wife, his younger brother, and his brother’s wife along with him and they were all baptized! Since they returned to their village, they have also helped two more people believe in Christ and be baptized. The translator is encouraging these 6 new believers to establish a church. 

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