Report 2 ½ Years After Samburu Bible Dedication

Kenya Praise for New Prayer Item stating “14th December is a very important and historic date to the Samburu community. The reason is that on the same date in 2019, we dedicated our New Testament. 

On 14/12/2021, many pastors and church leaders came together to celebrate the second anniversary of the Samburu New testament. During the function, we saw a strong and growing unity of the church leaders. It is now a fact that since the dedication of the NT, Samburu pastors and the Christian community at large have experienced a remarkable unity. 

We have seen pastors jointly going for missions with copies of Samburu New Testament, Jesus Film and audio Bible in Samburu language. They acknowledge that the resources available from the Samburu translation project have been so helpful to them in their outreach missions. A day before the anniversary date, the translation team got an opportunity to reach out to the community through community radio called Serian FM. The visit was to create awareness of the translation progress and there was an overwhelming response from the community.  Serian FM also agreed to air Samburu Audio Bible and recorded Bible stories for five days. People from different parts of the Samburu county got an opportunity to listen to the recorded Scriptures. This was one of the best opportunity we got to reach a wider audience in propagation of the Gospel. It is important to note that out of this exercise, we saw an increase of people coming to Samburu translation office to buy Cards with recorded audio Scriptures and also to buy copies of the Samburu New Testament.

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