1 billion people don't have a Bible in their own language

Let's pray & bring that number to zero in this generation

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Could we be the generation to see the Great Commission fulfilled in our time?

Young people around the world are rising to the task of praying day and night, contending for the Bibleless, and believing for the day the number of Bibleless people groups will reach ZERO.

Will you join us?

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Activate your calling and join a community of passionate prayer warriors

Across cultures, borders, and denominations there is a call for united prayer – in schools, communities, playgrounds, sports fields…

We need young people like you to raise their voices in prayer and interceded for the Bibleless. Join our Discord community where you will be supported by worldwide network of passionate Christians, receive free monthly resources, and lorem ipsum.

Get equipped with our free resources

Receive great resources including fun facts, statistics, information on Bible poverty across the globe, and more to get your family and church equipped.

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Here's what you'll get:

Download resources

Free prayer resources at the click of a button

Join online prayer for the Bibleless, 24/7 from around the world

weekly prayer journal

Receive a weekly prayer journal for the whole family

Sunday school prayer kit

Access a kit equipping your church and Sunday school to pray for Bible poverty

Unite with prayer warriors around the world

Unite with prayer warriors around the world

Join believers praying for the end of Bible poverty on Unceasing Prayer – an online Zoom prayer platform available 24/7, at the click of a button. Lead your own hour or check out the Unceasing prayer schedule to find an existing hour.

Let's see an ending to Bible poverty in our generation. Pray for Zero

Get equipped with inspiring resources and become an advocate for the Bibleless in your community. Receive regular updates on events, new resources in Bible translation.

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