Women Learn To Read And Are Impacted By God’s Word

Women with the Bible open on her lap

On 18th December 2021, one of the local churches Africa Inland Church (AIC Korr) which runs an Adult Literacy Program had a total of 13 ladies who graduated from the program. This is an intensive course that covers simple Mathematics, Human Health, Animal Health and Bible among other subjects. 

On the graduation day many Rendille people, leaders from the community, religious leaders and visitors attended the function. Every graduate was awarded a female sheep and a copy of the Rendille New Testament. 

One of the ladies who graduated is called Geygeso Dokhle. This is what Geygeso had to say: “When I enrolled in the program I was like a blind person. Being a mother I have never had an opportunity of going to school. When the classes started, I was among the first who enrolled. My desire was to learn how to read and write. As the classes went on and the Word of God was shared to us on a daily basis, I got more interested to hear God’s Word. In the process I surrendered my life to Jesus. Now I have found the light. The Word of God in my language is becoming sweeter every day. I have not only known to read and write in my own language, but I can now read God’s Word in the language of my heart. I now have a tool in my hand, and that is the Word of God. My desire is now to share this sweet Word with other women and children in my village. I want them to receive this light that I have received.” 

Cecelia N. Ndeke is a member of the review team. She accepts that before joining the review team, she did not fully understand who God was truly to her; she viewed him as a God of the church and only dealt with people when they followed the teachings of the church. Having accepted Christ on 10/08/2010, she viewed God as a disciplinarian whose basic aim was to keep law and order, going to church therefore was one of those ways of keeping in good books with him. 
She testifies and says, “When I joined the review team, I was challenged with how the other members articulated themselves and seemed to relate with God as though he was their best friend. My turning point came when I read the gospel of John 15. 3-9; Mulikhale avalafu khulwekhuwa elivawoleye, enye. \v 4 Tong’e mwise nese mwinywe. Nga olusaka silunyala okhwama amatunda niluli lwong’ene ta, nausa lutong’e khumuchuli, ata mwesi, okhwola mwevikhe mwise. \v 5 Nise omuchuli, nanywe ninywe amasaka. Oyo otong’a mwise, nese muniye, nje oyo owamanga amatunda mangi, nichasi ese simunyala okhukhola siosi siosi. \v 6 Omunju yesi yesi ochatong’a mwise, alikhutupwa nga esaka ne kome; ne amasaka kawuswa, katupwa mumuliro ne kasambwa. \v 7 Niva mutong’a mwise, ne amakhuwa kange kave mwinywe, cheve Papa siosi siosi si mwenya, ne muli khukholerwa. \v 8 Khulwa kano Papa wange anyola oluyali, mbo mwame amatunda amangi, kho mwekese mbo muli valondi vange. \v 9 Nga Papa kasima, kho nga sesi navasima; tong’e muwusimi wange.This verse opened a new understanding for me, it changed the way I viewed myself as a servant of God. I started digging deeper into what the Bible says and started seeing God as a friend. I realized that when I understand who I am in God, I no longer do things out of fear but out of love, I do not operate out of duty but out of love.

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